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Hey guys!

I am pleased to show you my last piece today. It's been a while that I wished to paint on a canvas. I kept this project on the back of my head for long time. Never had a moment to sit and start.

Here it is, and I’m really glad with the result!

Like the plate, I started with a sketch on Procreate. It's easier for me to get a good composition and the colour palette. Then I just have to transfer the sketch and paint the illustration.

Two evenings with couples of episodes on Netflix and tadahh!

I hope you like it and you are spending good Christmas times.

Stay around I will not be too far!

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I got a lot of free time now, so I'm making stuff!

I wanted to customize some plates for a Christmas present.

I started with a white one that I bought at a charity shop and used a porcelain paint, the Pebeo ceramic's kit.

Sadly, I didn't read all the little lines and didn't see that the paints are not suitable for eating plates...

Anyway, we all learn from mistakes haha. So this plate will end up, hang on a wall instead!

First of all, I drew the design of my future plate on Procreate. I wanted something colourful, with a little leopard hiding behind the plants.

I transferred the composition on the plate, using tracing paper.

And then I painted patiently, the vegetation, this little boy and all his details.

I needed a lot of layers as the paint is really light.

I'm pretty happy with the result! What do you think guys?!

See eye to eye!

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Hello everybody!

I'm coming back with a new DIY today. We gonna give a second life of my blender's glass! I broke it recently by putting hot water inside... It didn't like it and exploded... I thought I could upcycling, and transform it into a nice vase. I saw on the internet this technic who consists of mixing bicarbonate of soda with acrylic paint. It gives a clay look on any glass you got. It will be perfect for my old Blender! Also, I thought I could give it a twist and instead of having the terracotta colour we see everywhere, I would paint it in a plain blue colour.

I fixed the leak first and let it dry 24 hours. Then I did the mixture, applied to it and waited again 24 hours. And Bim!

A nice new vase where you can put your flowers.