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Yesterday It was the market day!

First time I was doing a market. Such a great experience. It was so nice to meet you all.

It's really interesting to see in real the reactions of the people. What they are interested in, what makes them laugh or catches their eyes first.

You seem to be a lot to like the little cats. Hehehe Thank you for your support.

See you soon! I got a new one, coming next month.

  • sandrinegraphic


I would like to show you a new pack of the card I recently did. 6 cute cats, in two different packs! I haven't print cat's illustration yet, It's something I had to change hehe. They are painted with watercolour, scanned, and printed on a thick Gesco paper. It really feels like an original watercolour print.

I assemble them together myself, with a sticker. As always, if you want to give a pack or two for your family or friends, you can find them on the catalogue's page of y website.

Have a good day!