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Hello guys!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I'm still in the preparation of the coming market and I just received these two new prints. I'm sure you recognize the orange one. It's the illustration I did for my screenprinting workshop. I decided to do a new one, like a mini-series. A new dreaming tatto girl, I love her! The paper is thick and glossy. I hope you will like this two. For the ones, who can't go at the market, you can order this illustration on the catalogue page, on my website.


  • Photo du rédacteursandrinegraphic

Hey guys!

I have great news today!

I gonna be at the Crafty Fox market this summer in London.

It's the first time I'm doing a market, I'm really exciting.

I got a lot to do to prepare everything!

I received a lot of my prints already, the Blue Forest collection.

A new one is coming too.

I'm also cutting, stamping, printing.. some Thank you cards and stickers for the occasion.

I hope to see you there guys!

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Hellow everybody!

Today I wanted to show you a quicky thing I did for fun: A tropical house's book.

It's done in tracing paper in such way that it allows the different elements of the pages to overlap. This technic helps to get more depth into the layers.

It gives this feeling of being surrounding by humid vegetation, you can rest on a secret chair, having a cup of tea...

It creates a unique and unordinary look, embellished with a floral pattern.

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