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Kizazi moto is sci-fi anthology including 10 original fantasy stories from across africa, created by Disney+.

Directed by Ng’endo mukii, with Sam Gainsborough as stop motion director, ‘enkai’ follows a young girl wanting to spend time with her mother, who is busy at work trying to save the earth. it’s a beautiful mix of colourful cg, stop motion and 2d animation.

I'm glad to have been part of this project for almost a year from modeling until rendering stage.

I was in charge of the modeling/texturing of some creatures you can see by the end of the movie. I also did the modeling of the main props in the bedrooms (including the bedrooms).

And finally I had the joy to lights three sequences during the interior scenes.

I can only show you some images of the movie, cause of disney's nda.

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