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Cosy Making of - Part02

Dernière mise à jour : 2 déc. 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome for this second part of the making of “Cosy”.

Previously we saw how I prepare the project with storyboards and colour research. When everything is ready I can pass to the next step.


Now I have the direction of the project, It’s time to do what I prefer: Painting!

I used watercolour. And sometimes I put white reflect with a white pencil...

I paint all the elements separately. Like this, it’s easier after to animat them. Also if I need I can change the framing faster.

Then I scanned everything and I composed my illustration

I used also Photoshop for the animation. It was the first time I do 2d animation. That was a bit of pressure for me, but finally, It came quickly.

I have the background, the animation. It’s almost done!

I add some effects

And ta dah!! You get a cute animated illustration!

The making of cosy is terminated. I hope you liked it and it was interesting to you. Thank you for your support! :)


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