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Vase Upcycle

Dernière mise à jour : 2 déc. 2020

Hello everybody!

I'm coming back with a new DIY today. We gonna give a second life of my blender's glass! I broke it recently by putting hot water inside... It didn't like it and exploded... I thought I could upcycling, and transform it into a nice vase. I saw on the internet this technic who consists of mixing bicarbonate of soda with acrylic paint. It gives a clay look on any glass you got. It will be perfect for my old Blender! Also, I thought I could give it a twist and instead of having the terracotta colour we see everywhere, I would paint it in a plain blue colour.

I fixed the leak first and let it dry 24 hours. Then I did the mixture, applied to it and waited again 24 hours. And Bim!

A nice new vase where you can put your flowers.



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