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Hellow everybody!

I did recently a Screen printing workshop at the Print Club in London.

I never used this technic and I wanted to try it since a long time.

This workshop was a perfect introduction of the world of screen printing. It was a fun creative day!

I came at the atelier with a png of the illustration I wanted to print.

During the day we learned all about the history of screen printing, the various techniques and processes involved. Creating your screen, setting up the screen print bay and finally pulling your very own design.

It was so nice to be able to get with your own design screen printed!

I really recommend to do this workshop, the team was amazing!

  • Photo du rédacteursandrinegraphic

Hellow guys!

Hope you are all good around here. I have big news, that I haven't shared with you yet. I finished a new collection of illustrations. Whoop whoop! It is a series about my favourite topic, forest! Nice magical blue forest to enlight your interior. I played with the negative space, to make graceful compositions. There are 5 illustrations, printed on a thicked Gresco paper. It has a texture, who gives a nice touch.

If you are interesetd you can order it on the website at my catalog page.

Thank you for your support!

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